Life Update – Sept 2019

Hello, Friends;


I think it's fair to say I've done a poor job thus far in making this blog a hopping place to be, so I'm going to lower my standards and attempt to post something every single day this month.  And yes, that sounds bananas to me, too.

I'm reading (ok, listening to, but that totally counts as reading) a book called the 10X Rule, essentially suggesting that you multiply goals by 10 to really get things going.  Roughly, if you shoot for the moon you'll land amongst the stars.  Not technically correct and potentially dangerous, but then again, that's kind of how the book strikes me, too.

If you thought you wanted to spend several hundred less this month, you should claim an aspiration to save thousands, in September alone.

You wanted to read a book a week?  Now we're aiming to plow through entire books each day.

If you wanted to blog a few times a week--at least once, let's be honest--you actually need to try to post 10 new entries every week.  That's more than once a day, more days than one.

I can hardly stand to think about going-to-the-gym goals, or weight-loss goals... should I aspire to lose 40 pounds this week, take 100,000 steps every day, and never touch alcohol for the entire month of September?  Actually, that last one might be perfectly reasonable.  The first two sound like solid plans to develop eating/exercise disorders, if taken seriously.

A key part of this "massive" goal-setting concept is shifting to a "massive" plan of action; that is, we attempt to write more than one blog entry on an average day--because aiming for 10 and hitting 6 or 7 per week is a helluva lot better than barely achieving 1 entry each week.  Walking--getting steps in, heyo--and listening to an audiobook or motivational and/or productive podcast for an hour or two every single day could ensure I get through *at least* 1 book a week.  Add in reading in the bathtub and before bed, and we're at least looking at finishing multiple books this month alone.  Perhaps not one a day, but definitely more than I'd planned before we'd had this conversation.


All this totally leaves school/professional goals out of the equation.  I aspire to spend 24 hours a day in the classroom!  I aspire to write notes on 40 students every day!  I aspire to walk a mile every class!  I aspire to have a nervous breakdown because my goals are completely irrational to the point of dangerous?

Now, to be fair, I haven't finished this book, and the author *may* include disclaimers or rational thought somewhere along in this book, but so far, it's ambitious-to-the-point-of-crazy.  I plan to keep you updated!

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